Fast hardware

Using Intel®Xeon® Processor we can offer you a non-stop Lagg Free experience! Wether you are farming blazes, flying around on your elytra or completing tasks. Our server handles everything you throw at it!

Scalable RAM

Using Docker containers on a dedicated linux machine, our servers are capable of dynammicaly scaling. This means that under heavy load, the memory can get upscaled. This way you dont have to worry about crashes!

Friendly staff

Our staff goes trough an extensive sollicitation procedure. This means that only the best of the best gets hired! Still experienced issues with one of our members? Feel free to let us know! We take every notice serious!

24/7 online

Powered by ITByKev Hardware, our servers are always online. The only downtime we have is when our hoster has downtime. this way we are assured that our server won’t have downtime.


We offer a wide range of gamemodes, from Survival to Impostors. Everyday we audit the wishes of our players, and handle according to these. This way you always get to play the modes you like

Custom buycraft items

Whenever you want in-game cosmetics, or a piece of HazeCraft@Home. we got you covered. Check out our new store!
We have weekly trainings, aswell as fake scenario's. This way we can always help people the right way.